Corporate Social Responsibility

Tadweer believes that it is our responsibility to put into practice measures to trim down our environment burden. Since we launched in 2006, we have strengthened and developed our contribution in stages, with the aim of building a recycling society. Our stages have taken place in the community as” environmental awareness- raising activities – spreading the field of environmental activities towards all the community.”

Tadweer’s Envirocare Department vision goes beyond the commercial, with a view to increase awareness of waste reduction, recycling and resource conversation issues, through educational partnerships and industry leadership.

Enviro-care policy

I. To constantly challenge ourselves to meet and exceed rising environmental quality standards on internally generated initiatives, programs and procedures.

II. To continue promote waste reduction, recycling and the use of recycled materials and encourage our suppliers / vendors to follow or develop procedures that benefit the environment.

III. Recognize that each of us has a commitment to our communities, by making a positive contribution to clean up and protect the environment.

IV. Tadweer will continue to seek solutions to minimize our impact on the environment and those of our partners and clients.