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Our Factory

Plastic Granules

It is one of the projects that is environmentally friendly which dish up the purpose of protecting the environment by utilizing one of our natural resources and saving the landfill from contamination .
The plant is premeditated to handle the polyethylene bags which stay in the landfill for years and years.
The process depends on cleaning, shredding and pelletize the plastic to be ready as raw materials.
To fulfill our obligation of reducing the impact on the environment, a waste water unit is accompanying the granule line to recycle the water to be reused again and again within the stages of the process.
Recycling process of plastic:
Chopping and shredding plastic materials into small pieces.

Washing of plastics materials by flotation tanks.

Drying plastic materials by heat-driver

Melting plastic materials "washed and dried" by Extruder.

Granulation of plastic materials and send them to plastic factories