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Compost plant : Transforming Organic waste into Green Compost

Green Compost is specified as the best product for improving properties of sandy soils.

What is the Green Compost

Green Compost is the product resulting from the controlled biological decomposition of selected local greens (Grass, shrubs, leaves, fruits & vegetables).

Composting Process!!

Composting is a natural process in which living Microorganisms break down the local greens into a dark rich substance. This substance, called compost or humus, is a wonderful multi-purpose conditioner for your soil.

Schematic Diagram of Tadweer Composting Process

Tadweer Waste Treatment L.L.C is adopting the latest European technology of composting. This technology consists of an oxygen controlled composting blowing system, good moisture content and C/INI ratio, all these factors will speed up the decay of organic materials and heat up to 75 �C to eliminate weed seeds, insects and pathogens. Treating with Oxygen will also preserve all the nutrients that plants need.

Advantages of Using Green Compost:


Free from weeds.

Increases soil organic matter.

Increase the water and nutrients -holding capacity of soil .

Improve soil structure, texture and aeration.

Stimulate healthy root development.

Provides beneficial microbes and a supplemental amount of slow-release nutrients.

Helps balance pH [acidity/alkalinity].

Inhibiting pests and diseases.

Technical Specifications of Compost
# Parameter Analysis
1 Nature (Origin) Organic
2 Color Dark Brown
3 Treatment Bio decomposition heats up to 75 �C for Min 15 days.
4 Smell Natural Black Forest Soil
5 Physical Soil Support (Water Retention Capacity) Natural Fibers from Green & Wood Waste
6 pH 6-7
7 Electrical Conductivity Less than 8 mS/cm
8 Moisture Content < 25%
9 NaCL 1-1.5%
10 Organic Matter 50-60%
11 C/N ratio < 20:1
12 Total Nitrogen (N) 2- 3%
13 Phosphorous Content (P) 1-1.5%
14 Potassium (K) 1.5 - 2 %
15 Nematodes/weed Seeds/Worm Eggs etc. Nil

Application Rates

Plant Rate
Palm 15-20kg/ palm tree
Grass 5 kg/m2
Ornamental Plants 1 kg/plant
Trees 10-15kg/Tree